European History of Neuroscience

An Evening at the Medical Museion:
The contribution of Scandinavian countries to Neuroscience (a FENS History Committee event)
Sunday 3rd July 2016
19.00- 22.15
at the Medical Museion : Bredgade 62, Copenhagen

Come celebrate the History of Neuroscience in Scandinavia in the anatomical theatre of the extraordinary Medical Museion of Copenhagen - one of the richest collections of historical medical artifacts in Europe. It will be the occasion to discover the history of Scandinavian Neuroscience and its main contributors, and learn about the FENS European Brain Museum (EBM) Project, which provides a map of well-known and hidden Brain Museums in Europe. The seminar will be followed by a cocktail reception and a tour of the museum.


19.00-19.30 Registration
19.30-19.40 Welcome to the Medical Museion
Co-chairs: Gordon Shepherd, Yale School of Medicine and Sten Grillner, Karolinska Institute


Presentation of the meeting by Lorenzo Lorusso, Chair of the FENS History Committee


Troels Kardel, University of Copenhagen: “Nicolaus Steno”


Hans Hultborn, University of Copenhagen: -“Previous generations of Scandinavian neuroscientists”


Albert Gjedde, University of Copenhagen: “The Phrenological Antecedants of Functional Brain Imaging: from Phrenology to Neophrenology “


Richard Brown, Dalhousie University and Zoltan Molnar, University of Oxford: “FENS European Brain Museum (EBM) Project”

20.50-20.55 Conclusion by Marco Piccolino, University of Ferrara
21.00-22.15 Cocktail Reception

Guided tours of the Medical Museion*

* Two parallel tours of 30 min and of 30 people in total = 60 people in total

Registration required (maximum 90 attendees): kindly confirm your attendance here.