Barriers in developing brain


Barriers in developing brain

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7 July 2016 - Faculty Club (Panum, UCPH Nørre Campus) Copenhagen
- Celebrating 40 years of Møllgård-Saunders collaboration


Figure 1 BBB diagram

Registration fee : 20€ includes coffee, lunch and light dinner



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Organizer: Kjeld Møllgård


9.00-9.05 Opening comments. Kjeld Møllgård (meeting host)

9.10-10.40 Session 1. Influence of barriers on brain development and its internal environment.

Chair: Norman Saunders

9.10-9.40 Zoltán Molnár, Oxford UK: Local and global environmental factors involved in neocortical development.

9.40-10.10 Kjeld Møllgård, Copenhagen, Denmark: Brain barrier mechanisms: how may they influence aspects of brain development?

10.10-10.40 V. Daniela Virgintino, Bari, Italy: Cellular constituents of the blood-brain barrier.

10.40-11.10 Coffee

11.15-13.00 Session 2. Specific aspects of brain development.

Chair: Zoltán Molnár

11.15-11.45 Dennis Jabaudon (Geneva, Switzerland): Thalamocortical interactions.

11.45-12.15 Victor Borrell, San Juan de Alicante, Spain: Intermediate progenitors and cortical expansion.

12.15-12.45 Victor Tarabykin, Berlin, Germany: Molecular mechanisms of cortical neurogenesis, migration and differentiation.

12.45-14.05 Lunch

14.05-15.35 Session 3. Molecular and ultrastructural aspects of brain barrier mechanisms in development.

Chair: Mark Habgood

14.05-14.35 Torben Moos, Aalborg, Denmark: Expression of metal-binding proteins and metal transport across the blood-brain barrier in the developing brain.

14.35-15.05 Pia Johansson, The impact of an altered choroid plexus on developmental neurogenesis.

15.05-15.35 Graham Knott, Lausanne, Switzerland: New microscopical techniques applied to brain barriers.

15.35-16.00 Coffee/tea

16.05-17.30 Session 4. Barriers in developing brain pathologies.

Chair: Kjeld Møllgård

16.05-16.35 Joakim Ek, Gothenberg, Sweden: The developing choroid plexus in health and disease.

16.35-17.05 Mark Habgood, Melbourne, Australia: Drug delivery to the brain, why is it so difficult?

17.05-17.35 Helen Stolp, London, UK. Pathological aspects of brain barrier mechanisms.

17.35- 18.00 Norman Saunders, Melbourne, Australia: Where are we now and where next?

18.00 Evening reception

20.00 Guided tour to the ‘Core Facility for human developmental biology/human fetal –biobank’

            Three floors down from the Faculty Club – Christian B Brøchner & Kjeld Møllgård