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1 July 2016 - Celebration Auditorium (UCPH Frederiksberg Campus) Copenhagen

Cerebral Cortical Cell Types


The range and diversity of neuronal cell types in the cerebral cortex have fascinated neuroscientists since the time of Cajal but have become an urgent focus in the last few years with the advancement of techniques in morphology, connectomics, electrophysiology, and molecular genetics. Early anatomists focused on classification of cells in the brain by morphology, but today many techniques allow classification.  How do we best define the identity of cerebral cortical cell types: morphologically, electrophysiologically, molecularly, developmentally, connectomically?
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Regular registration (Professors, technicians and consumers at all levels): $130.00

Post-Doc registration (All postdoctoral fellows): $50.00

Student registration (All undergrads and graduate/medical/vet students) and members of the Danish Society for Neuroscience: registration is free

 Participants are invited to bring laptop demos on the theme of Cerebral Cortical Cell

Pinckney Harman memorial lecture:
May-Brit and Edvard Moser

Gordon Shepherd • Marta Nieto • Larry Swanson • Lee Shapiro • Pasko Rakic • John Rubenstein • Arturo Alvarez-BuyllaArnold Kriegstein • Christopher Walsh • Bente Pakkenberg • Paola Arlottai • Javier DeFelipe • Laura López-Mascaraque


8:30    Breakfast

9:00 – 10:20    Session 1:  Cell types

9:00    Javier DeFelipe (Cajal Institute, Spain): Cortical neurons: From Cajal to present

9:20    Bente Pakkenberg (Bispebjerg University Hospital): Neocortical neuron numbers – a lifetime history of our brain cells

9:40    Presentation of the Krieg Lifetime Achievement Award to: Gordon Shepherd (Yale University)

10:00    Paola Arlotta (Harvard University): Molecular logic of neuronal diversity in the neocortex

10:20-10:50    Break (Coffee and refreshments provided)
10:50 – 12:10    Session 2 : Development of Cell Types

10:50    Pasko Rakic (Yale University): Role of place and time of origin and pattern of migration in genesis of cortical cellular diversity

11:10    Arnold Kriegstein (U. of Calif. San Francisco):  Molecular and functional radial glia subtypes in developing human neocortex

11:30    Laura Lopez Mascaraque (Cajal Inst.): Lineage tracing of neural progenitors: Clonal analyses using StarTrack labeling

11:50    Christopher Walsh (Boston Children’s Hospital): Somatic mutation and genomic diversity in human brain

12:10-1:20    Lunch (provided)
1:30 – 2:30    Session 3:    Connectomics of Cell Types

1:30    Larry Swanson (University of Southern California): Architecture of the cortical association network supporting voluntary behavior and cognition

1:50    Lee Shapiro (Texas A&M University Health Science Center): Immunological influence of cortical cell type: a novel role for MHC II?

2:10    Marta Nieto (Spanish National Biotechnology Center): Cux1 and callosal development

2:30-3:00  Break (Coffee and refreshments provided)
3:00 – 4:00    Session 4:      Interneurons   

3:00    Oscar Marin    (King’s College, London):  It’s not where you go, but how you get there

3:20    John Rubenstein (Univ. of California San Francisco): Transcriptional regulation of cortical interneuron

3:40    Arturo Alvarez-Buylla (Univ. of Calif. San Francisco):  TBA

4:00    Introduction of Pinckney J. Harman Lecturers
May-Brit and Edvard Moser
5:00    Discussion
5:30-6:30:    Poster Session (with libations) and Further Discussion
6:30 PM    End of Symposium and Depart



Gordon Shepherd

Christopher A. Walsh

Nicolas Caesar Petersen

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