Nutrition for the Ageing Brain

2nd Workshop on Nutrition for the Ageing Brain

30 June - 1 July 2016 – Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport Hotel



Registration Fees
· €260,- for registrants from academia
· €260,- for registrants from the public sector
· €360,- for registrants from industry



Organizers: ILSI Europe Nutrition and Mental Performance Task Force
Contact person(s): Jeroen Schuermans, David Vauzour


June 30

10.00 Registration

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Welcome

13.00 Introduction

Session 1: Mechanisms of Ageing and Impact of Nutrients

Chair: Dr Sandrine Thuret; Co-Chair Dr Sophie Kergoat

13.15 Defining Healthy Ageing

13.40 Neurogenesis and Neuronal Stem Cells

14.05 Early Life Diet and Long-Term Consequences

14.30 Epigenetic Modulation of Brain Function

14.55 Discussion

15.15 Coffee Break

Session 2: New Avenues in Cognitive Ageing and Nutrition

Chair: Prof. Jeremy Spencer; Co-Chair: Dr John Sijben

15.45 Gut Microbiome and Brain Function

16.10 Long Chain Non-Coding RNAs / miRNA

16.35 Inflammation and Mitochondria

17.00 Effects of Tyrosine on Brain and Cognition

17.25 Enhancing Protein Clearance for Age-Related Diseases

17.40 Discussion

19.00 Dinner

July 1

Session 3: Challenges in Investigating the Role of Nutrition On Cognitive Performance

Chair: Dr Sandrine Thuret; Co-Chair: Dr Jonathan Farrimond

09.00 Obesity, Diabetes and Cognition

09.25 Inter-Individual Variability in Response to Treatment and Cognitive Decline Risk Factors

09.50 Identifying the Multidimensional Controllers of Ageing

10.15 Malnutrition in the Elderly and Cognitive Decline

10.40 Discussion

11.00 Coffee Break

Session 4: Multi-Component and Multi-Domain Interventions

Chair: Dr Hasan Mohajeri; Co-Chair: Dr David Vauzour

11.30 Multi-Component Interventions

11.55 Finger Study and MIND-AD

12.20 MAP Trial

12.45 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

Session 5: Relevance to Public Health

Chair: Dr Jonathan Farrimond; Co-Chair: Prof. Jeremy Spencer

14.00 Socio-Economic Impact of Healthy and Pathological Ageing

14.25 Health Claims

14.50 EU Strategic Properties Around Health and Nutrition

15.15 Discussion

15.30 Coffee Break

Session 6: Panel Discussion

Chair: Dr David Vauzour; Co-Chair: Dr Sophie Kergoat

15.50 Panel Discussion on Implementation and Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Future Directions

Dr David Vauzour & Dr Sophie Kergoat

16.50 Workshop Conclusions

17.00 Closure