EDAB Public Lecture 2016

Brain Jazz:

Miles on the brain

- About Miles Davis’s quintet during the 1960s and how jazz and musical expertise affects our brain. 

with Professor Peter Vuust.



A European Dana Alliance for the Brain

Public Lecture at FENS Forum Copenhagen

Sunday 3rd July 17:30 – 19:30

Politkens Hus, Rådhuspladsen 37.

Note change of Location  !!!

Lecture will be given at Sankt Hans Torv 26 followed by a concert at Sankt Hans Torv



The Lecture will be given in Danish/English, about the Neuroscience of Music and the Brain, with a little Jazz.

Miles Davis’s quintet during the 1960s is regarded by most musicians and jazz enthusiasts as one of the best and most innovative ensembles in jazz history. This is mainly due to two factors: first, Miles Davis managed to find the most talented young musicians and got them to play better than they had ever played before; second, the group had a unique way of using rhythm for communicating with each other. 

This lecture is about Miles’s music, what happens in our brain and how musical expertise can be observed in the brain, when we listen to this very challenging music. Based on latest brain research, the lecture will explain how a musician’s brain changes, structurally and functionally, throughout a lifetime of practicing and how we can potentially use this fascinating new science.         

In relation to the lecture, Peter Vuust (bass), Henrik Gunde (piano) and Veronica Mortensen (vocal) will play some of the tracks from their latest DMA-nominated CD, September Song

Peter Vuust is a brain scientist, jazz bassist, composer and bandleader. Besides having appeared on more than 80 recordings, including six as bandleader, he has contributed to an equivalent number of research articles. He is a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Jutland, an internationally acclaimed brain scientist and professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University as well as head of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Music In the Brain at Aarhus University. In 2014 he was nominated for a Danish Music Award for his latest CD, September Song.

This event is arranged in co-operation with Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 and Hjerneforum.

Open for all - Free entry - Refreshments available